Magical Mindset

The Magic Awaits You

Magical Mindset

The Magic Awaits You

Pirate Loot Money Spell

Price: 5.00 GBP
Pirate Loot Spell for October only is £5.00 ! Draw money around you , pay off debts and have access to treasures. This spell will guide you to the ultimate findings of money and draw it to you.

Luxury Triple Cast Money Spell Cast into Gemstone

Price: 22.22 GBP
Luxury Triple Cast Money Spell to bring about luxuries to you're life.When you are around successful people you also attract success. This spell helps with bringing more opportunities to you're life and opening up doors that wouldn't present themselves usually. Gain more money , draws successful people to you're life and open up doorways which would otherwise remain shut. This spell will come with a gemstone sent to you infused with you're spell and instructions on using the gemstone. Gemstones are picked at random. For you're spell I will need you're full name and birth date and a photograph of yourself.

Key To Success Spell Casting

Price: 10.00 GBP
Are you in need of a change for yourself ? Maybe you want to gain success in work or a job ? Maybe you want you're business to thrive more than it ever has before ? Maybe you want to just leave it to the spell to bring success to you in any area My magic enchanted spell will be cast for you to bring the ultimate in success and reaching those goals for yourself. This will Open opportunities for you of all kinds. I will need you're full name , birth date and you're email address and photograph of yourself.

Money tree spell gem - draw money to you

Price: 17.77 GBP
Lucky money tree spell to draw more money to you ! Clear debts that have crept up on you , draw more money towards you , never be short of money , always have enough. Money drawing tree spell comes with a gem chip which you then bury in the garden or a plant pot. The spell cast gem will help money to grow for you. I will need you’re full name and birth date for this spell.

Goddess Lakshmi Spell Of Wealth & Prosperity

Price: 20.00 GBP
Lakshmi is the beautiful Goddess of wealth an prosperity. She brings Divine fortune and abundance , luck and greatness in every area of you're life. She is recognised in many religions nit just that of Hindu or Buddhist either. Her symbols are gold and the lotus flower which shows her power of wealth and spirituality.Her animal association is the owl and the elephant and her lotus represents knowledge and enlightenment. This spell will help you to draw those things to you're life. It will help you to draw abundance in all areas and begin to benefit from good luck and prosperity. You may see that you will come into money, find money , see you're bank account beginning to fill up , open opportunities and have windfalls. For this spell I will need you're full name and birth date and will then arrange a time to cast you're spell for you.