Magical Mindset

The Magic Awaits You

Magical Mindset

The Magic Awaits You

Angel Healing Music

Free Spell For Manifestations

You will need : 

pen and paper

3 lodestones or small disc magnets 

Use the power of the magnets or the lodestones to pull the power towards you and summon what you want. 

write down you're manifestations and place the paper in between the magnets to attract you're wishes to you. You can also annoint the paper with Attraction Oil - available in the shop. 

Spell For A Love Honey Jar

You Will Need :

1 Small piece of fresh ginger 

1 jar of honey 

1 Rose Quartz Crystal 

Handful of dried or fresh rose petals 

2 Red Candles 

Cut the piece of giner in half and place pieces in the jar of honey along with the crystal. 

Place rose petals in a circle around the jarand light the two candles on either side.

Allow both of the candles to burn down over the two nights. Eat the honey or use it to sweeten tea to call love into you're life. 

Do Not leave candles unattended